“Your online success is an ongoing process. It involves communications through digital media, and adjusting the media constantly to fit the emotional and logical needs of the users. In your ongoing adventure, you need a partner to guide you through the digital world and to keep a constant eye on your digital brand.”

Ferhad ‘Had’ Erdogan

About Me

I know that clients come in all shapes and sizes. Whoever the client is, I can help clarify and create the outcome they’re looking for. I take absolute pleasure in delivering measurable results that will satisfy all stake holders, not only because I enjoy making everyone happy, but also because I absolutely love creating useful technologies.

My development philosophy is that all design and development must be user-centered. Whether the project is a simple web site, a mobile app, or an enterprise application, the user of these products has to be the center of attention. That’s where I start. I first learn as much as I can about you and all those who will use what I create. Then, I plan and direct design and development around these findings. Unfortunately, this seemingly simple and logical concept that most largely defines the success of any product development is missed very often. I work hard and communicate as well as I can with everyone involved in a project so that we don’t make the mistake of producing something that doesn’t exactly fit the needs.

I have over twenty years of experience in a wide array of various software development projects. My specialties are interactive design, web and mobile applications, gamification, and new uses of these technologies coming into our environments, like VR/AR.